Streamline Your Consulting Practice and Save Up to 40% on Operational Time.

Increase your team’s efficiency and improve your clients’ experiences by automating your operations with our no-code features.

Main benefits of using Weesdo

Win more clients.

You have a great consulting business, but how do you prove it? With our platform, you can measure main business KPIs. Find out what works and what doesn’t and optimize your sales strategy.

Simplify your proposal process.

You have brilliant ideas, but how do you sell them? With our platform, you can reduce the time spent crafting and issuing proposals. Use our smart templates, collaborate with your colleagues, and get instant feedback from your clients.

Deliver projects faster and better.

You have ambitious deadlines, but how do you achieve them? With our platform, you can save time on project management and deliverables creation & distribution. Track your progress, register only what you want, and automate your tasks.

Learn from others and share your expertise.

You have valuable knowledge, but how do you boost it? With our platform, you can use others’ assets and share yours with the community. Find what you need, contribute what you have, and add to the collective wisdom.

Make your clients happy and loyal.

You have great and exigent clients, but how do you keep them? With our platform, you can improve their experience through a single source of wisdom. Provide them with a new way to deliver consistent and accurate results.

Unleash the power of your knowledge.

You have a lot of knowledge and experience, but how do you make the most of them? With our platform, you can take advantage of AI to unlock their power. Discover insights, generate ideas, and solve problems.

Connect with everyone who matters.

You have a lot of stakeholders, but how do you keep them in the loop? With our platform, you can enable transparent communication among all of them. Share updates, get feedback, and support relationship building.

Simplify your life with one platform.

You have a lot of tools, but how do you combine them? With our platform, you can integrate all your needs into one simplified platform. No more switching between apps, no more wasting time, no more hassle.

Who's this platform for?


Our platform helps consulting firms and agencies streamline every aspect of their business, from opportunity follow-up to proposal crafting to project management and deliverable production & distribution. They can also handle interactions with individuals involved in their consulting lifecycle (both as employees and independent contractors).


Our platform is used by consultants and other knowledge professionals to manage their careers, including a trail of their projects and assets, as well as information about their reputation, skills, and expertise. They can also control their interactions with businesses and agencies, whether as employees or subcontractors.​

How Can I Get Access?

As a limited-time launch offer, a select few can seize the opportunity for a lifetime membership. Act now to secure your spot before it’s gone!

Lifetime Membership

Only For Companies
$ 997 One-off payment
  • Unlimited Collective Projects
  • Unlimited Activities Per Project*
  • Up to 50 Collaborators**

Now, if you are sure about missing this extraordinary chance to join us for the long haul and unlock boundless possibilities, you can still use our platform signing up for a free company or individual basic plan and, whenever you’re ready, you can upgrade to your advanced plan.


$ 0 Monthly
  • Up to 5 Collective Projects
  • Up to 10 Activities Per Project*
  • Up to 5 Collaborators


$ 47 Monthly*
  • Unlimited Collective Projects
  • Unlimited Activities Per Project**
  • Up to 50 Collaborators***
Launch offer


$ 0 Monthly
  • Up to 5 Individual Projects
  • Up to 10 Activities Per Project*
  • Unlimited Collaborations


$ 1
  • Unlimited Individual Projects
  • Unlimited Activities Per Project
  • Unlimited Collaborations*
Launch offer

How does the current version work?

1. Sign Up / Sign In

Define the project scope, objectives and key results, identify stakeholders, and determine feasibility. Obtain approval.

2. Initiate & Plan Projects

Develop a project plan that includes milestones, tasks, timelines, resources, and risk management. Negotiate with involved parties.

3. Execute Projects

Implement and maintain the plan, assign tasks and resources, monitor progress, communicate with stakeholders, and resolve issues.


Evaluate project success, document lessons learned, release resources, conduct administrative closure, and celebrate with the team.

The software industry is full of great isolated solutions that differentiate by having more features that few users take advantage of; our approach is just the opposite: an integrated and more straightforward platform with broader coverage to serve most users.

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